Mujer bajó 32 kilos y contó los trucos de su increíble transformación

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Charlotte Mears una mujer británica de 27 años que pesaba cerca de 90 kilos decidió bajar de peso y compartió su proceso por medio de la red social Instagram.

Con 1,68 metros de altura y con su talla 48 y su 33,5 de índice de masa corporal, hicieron que se empezara a preocupar por su cuerpo, así que para cambiar decidió cambiar sus hábitos.

“La gente dice que puedes ser feliz sea cual sea tu talla, pero en mi caso yo no lo era”, comentó en una de sus publicaciones en la red social. Sus cenas con amigos, el descuido en la alimentación y la falta de entrenamiento eran para ella algo de debía cambiar.

“Solía salir de cena dos veces a la semana, y cocinaba también de manera muy poco saludable. No hacía ejercicio y solo comía más y más”, dijo. El resultado fue el aumento progresivo de peso.

Pero un día comenzó a cambiar un mal hábito matutino. Implementó cereales con frutas para no llegar con tanta hambre al almuerzo. Luego, modificó las recurrentes salidas a cenar a restaurantes orientales con amigas por comida casera. En lugar de comida chatarra y pizzas para llenar los vacíos entre comidas, ahora recurre a frutas o batidos cítricos como snacks saludables.

Además implementó otro gran cambio en su dieta: el agua, ahora toma 5 litros de agua por día. Eso sumado al ejercicio, su rutina consiste en 15 minutos de running, entre 10 y 20 minutos del simulador de escaleras y un intenso levantamiento de pesas. El mismo programa, cinco días por semana.

Así como Mears perdió 32 kilos gracias a sus nuevos hábitos. Estilizó su figura y se muestra orgullosa a través de las redes sociales.

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Good Morning! ☀️Weekly weigh in at 9st 1 and 3/4s, and a little update… (worth doing to keep yourself accountable each week 😉) I found a really amazing article that was posted in @cosmopolitanuk online magazine🗞 by a lady called @catharveyjenner who has literally studied my story and written about it beautifully…one of the best that I've read! (Thank you! 🤗) A lot of you have asked about my routine and this article describes it perfectly! I would definitely recommend a read, it covers my diet 🍍, exercise routine 🏋🏽 how to stay motivated, all common questions I've been asked. If anyone is embarking on a weight loss journey, just remember that this doesn't happen overnight. It's a long process, it's about retraining your mind just as much as it is about retraining your body. The food we've eaten can't be uneaten but the damage can be undone. Focus is everything and that goes for all areas of life. You have to constantly remind yourself of your priorities and keep visualising the end goal. Don't forget how proud you're going to feel in 6 months to a years time when you've conquered something that you once thought was unachievable ❤️ #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldjourney #blogger #bbgcommunity #fitspo #weightlosstransformation #bikini #weightlossjourney

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Good morning! From one bikini pic to another 👙heaviest on the left at 14st 12lbs to 9st 1lb on the right. Another week on the shred after a few indulgences last weekend 🙊 ready to go and do a HIIT workout 🔥 to torch some fat! This consists of 15 x mins of sprints. 30 secs running at 14kmph…up to 17kmph if you can handle it 😅 (I would usually only go up to this speed right at the end) and 30 secs rest, you will feel the burn! 💦 I will then work my way round the weights, lifting as heavy as I safely can, and then finishing with an ab blaster! Diet has been as usual, veggies, green smoothies, chicken, extra lean mince, lean beef, weight watchers wraps ❤️ and courgetti! A new found favourite of mine 😊 I make my meals tasty by adding lots of fresh ingredients like chillis, spring onions, tomatoes, herbs and spices, fat free yogurts and chopped tomatoes to turn things into curries, just anything I can to make my favourite meals into healthy versions! Happy weekend!

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14ST 12LBS ——-➡️ ——–9ST 3LBS Good morning and happy Saturday! 💕☀️ Standard updated photos from beginning to now and something to think about… 💭 even if you don't lose weight every week remember you are still achieving in other ways 💛 Every single day that you are successful in staying on plan, you are another day into training your brain on how to eat well and another day into strengthening your willpower. 💚 Every day that you slip up, you are training your brain in how to overcome this, and again strengthening that determination to get back on track and pick up where you left off. 💛The sooner you accept it's not just about the physical weight loss, and also about a journey of developing and strengthening your mind, you will realise how much more successful you are than you once thought, and as a result you will realise that the process is still worthwhile even when you slow down in weight loss. 💚Losing weight is so much more than just the physical aspects, the reason we slip up is because of a battle in our minds, so let this be a lesson that our efforts aren't in vain when we don't lose weight some weeks, instead find the positives in the fact that we have trained our minds for yet another week and become mentally stronger and more focussed. It may be as small as declining chocolate at work or just deciding you will have an extra gym session. Once you conquer what's going on in the mind, you will flourish in successfully losing weight for the long term. We are far too hard on ourselves and let the scales dictate our happiness, don't forget the other areas that you are developing in and always be proud every step along the way. 💛

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