¡Lo volvió a hacer! Lucy Vives sorprende con atrevida sesión de fotos en Italia

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La hija del cantante samario dejó a todos con la boca abierta. Lucy Vives sorprende con atrevida sesión de fotos en Italia.

La modelo hace parte de una campaña con fines sociales.

La inciativa de las fotos es liderada por el fotógrafo Mattheau Abad, que busca con el proyecto Karmagawa ayudar a la gente de menos recursos.


Lucy Vives sorprende con atrevida sesión de fotos en Italia.


La hija de Carlos Vives comentó que Karmagawa es una comunidad de caridad innovadora. 

Este proyecto busca llegar a personas de todas las edades con su mensaje de conciencia y llamada al servicio.

"Me sentí como en casa cuando me dieron la bienvenida" Dijo Vives.

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full moon • i got on a plane to italy a few months ago to supposedly go take some pictures in capri. i’d never been to western europe before. but of course i feared being taken and the fact that technically i had no answers for my parents’ interrogative questions except “his names @badboi , and he’s really talented”. After a cancelled flight to napoli from barcelona, and 24 hours of total travel , @timothysykes welcomed me with 3 pizzas from l’antica pizzeria de michele as we took a midnight boat ride to Capri. we talked about new orleans and philosophy, 2 things we had greatly in common (: he explained to me who they were and what exactly they did, probably not expecting me to fall in love with @karmagawa . • Karmagawa is an innovative charity community that strives to reach people of all ages with their message of awareness and call to service. i felt right at home when they welcomed me into the fam 🤘🏽 we believe that if we have the means to travel to these beautiful places all around the globe, we should feel responsible to give back to them.. if we can enjoy the views and snap the photo, we shouldnt be able to ignore some of the crucial issues that are occurrinng on a daily basis. • get on board with karmagawa : $4.2 million donated in 3 years, 45 schools built/opened, 12 in development, 10 libraries in Mexico currently being built, 4 animal shelters and 1 soccer stadium in Cambodia 🇰🇭 sad that studying made me miss the wonders over in Bali, but excited to join y’all in all sorts of adventures in the future , fam 🙌🏽 • 📸 blessed to have found you in the real realm after 4 years of pen pal correspondance @badboi . thank u for this , n ill see u in the phillippines👅 • featuring legs , back n booty from @pizzapizza_nisa 😊

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Lucy dice que este proyecto a donado en 3 años 4.2 millones de dólares. Además se han construido 45 escuelas.

Además se han abierto 4 refugios para animales y un estadio de fútbol en Camboya.


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